Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Genevieve Losses Bond Movie Role To Naomi Harris

Genevieve left,...                         Naomi Harris Right...

Naomi as Tia Dalma, a witch in a pirate film

Earlier rumor that had been swirling in the last couple of weeks had indicated that Genevieve Nnaji was set to play the role of the next bond girl, and that the agreement was almost a done deal. It has now emerged however, that British actress and Pirates of the Caribbean movie star Naomie Harris has edged out Genevieve as the next bond girl, according to News Of The World, a tabloid magazine in the UK.
News Of The World confirmed the story after speaking to Naomie.

Naomie, 34, will be Daniel Craig’s sexy sidekick in the soon -to-be filmed new 007 movie.
The British actress was spellbinding as Tia Dalma, the grotesque witch in the second and third Pirate films.
And her steamy love scene with Jamie Foxx in the Miami Vice remake proved she’s the right caliber for Bond. Naomie, who stays superfit doing pilates and yoga, says: “I’m totally comfortable naked.”
Her mind’s just as agile – she graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in social and political science.

Londoner Naomie revealed she isn’t recognized in the street, despite her movie success. “I like that,” she says. “I’ve got one of those faces that people don’t recognize.”
All that is about to change as she follows in the footsteps of gorgeous Bond girls like Ursula Andress, Jane Seymour and Halle Berry.
The plot of the new film, known only by its working title Bond 23, is being kept firmly under wraps. Judi Dench will again play M and Ralph Fiennes is in the running for a role. It is due for release in November 2012.

For what is worth, Genevieve was considered for the role, which is a shining example, appreciation, and recognition for her acting prowess the world over, and a better opportunity may just be around the corner.

Not too worry shah, your day shall come...

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