Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nigeria Labour Congress Suspends Strike - Monday

NLC Announces Suspension Of Mondays Planned Strike Action, After Fuel Price Reduction

ABUJA Jan 16 (Reuters) - Nigeria's main labour unions said they were suspending protests planned for Monday against the removal of fuel import subsidies after President Goodluck Jonathan cut the price of petrol.

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It has now been confirmed that the week long strike Of NLC/ TUC has been officially called off.

The Nigerian Labour Congress at a press conference a few minutes ago suspended the nationwide strike action and all mass rallies. 

Members of the Nigerian armed forces occupying the streets of Lagos.

Members of the Nigerian armed forces 

However, despite the news of the called off strike, Occupy Nigeria protesters are still seen on the streets of Lagos being coerced by members of the Nigerian armed forces to leave the streets of Lagos. At about 11am today

Occupy Nigeria Protesters At Kaduna Defying NLC/TUC Strike Suspension Order

In Kaduna also, Occupy Nigeria protesters led by Kaduna based political activist, Shehu Sanni (Holding The Mic.) defied NLC's / TUC's order to suspend the strike and protests. Going ahead to continue the protests with a large crowd in attendance. In spite of the members of the Nigerian armed forces that had been deployed to the streets.

Members of the Nigeria armed forces on the streets of Kaduna

...What do you think about the role of NLC and TUC in the whole subsidy crisis?. 

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