The Bone Of Nigeria's Fuel Subsidy Contention.

The Contentious Bone Of Nigeria's Fuel Subsidy; Who Gets The Free Money

David Ngwaba
"Nigeria will be great again whether these leaders want it or not"; lindaikeji.

What Is Driving Our Directions; Great Nigeria - Priceless Stories Of Divers People
If war torn Iraq can pay a minimum wage of N25,800 - Why can't we. Nigeria, sixth largest oil producing nation in the world ranking index. Why are we here? -
Doing the subsidy dance. 

I did listen to Ngozi Okojo iheala, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Diezani Alison Madueke among
others in one of those National Romantic Oral Sessions, Talk about the doom of keeping the fuel subsidy a kindle and the bliss of free Plentyoffish with the oops ing off of the subsidy.  

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala; Minster of Finance,        Sanusi L.S; CBN Governor,    Diezani Alison Madueke; Petroleum Minister.

Sweet Hearts!; Who gets to duck the fish?

And boy we are not talking about some flash fish here, we are dealing with some 
real fishy fish.

The figures being thrown around was N1.2trillion. Plenty of fish if you ask me. All free money.
Incase u still dont get the picture, we are talking about $7.5billion annual free money.
If saved for ten years, that kind of dough can wage a war in Iraq. If few other sources of 
funding are considered Nigeria could even war Iraq 5 years earlier.

So this kind of money can give us power within two years, basic infra structure and possibly the
moon, dancing with the stars - or so our is dreams sears are making us believe.

Well! Our Ol Dear Femi Falana San; Was on hand-at the National     Romantic Oral Session yesterday or whatever they called that negotiation forum....

Femi Falana SAN remind Mrs Okonjo iweala of the promise they made to Nigerians Under the OBJ Admin. To use the gains of their trademark fuel price increase to reduce child birth/ maternal mortality rate (i hope i got that right) Well, didn't happen. Otherwise, mama Anna from my local church wouldn't be dead now, would she? and that woman, God rest her soul, was one of the few quite sisters in the church who never gossiped about me.  

Who ever advised Mr. President on this matter must have drank his/ her mothers milk for a full six months...

Adams Oshiomole; Governor Of Edo State.

....because they had even Adams Oshiomole Doughing his cap for them.
My jaws dropped open when the storm tracker pitched his driving directions with the governments position.
Oh my God! Eureka! Eureka!! i've just had an** no the epiphany. Oshimole is in the Government.
So no surprises about that one. 

If there is N1.2trillion for projects, it gets shared. Guess who gets a share. You're so smart;. Oshiomole ofcourse.

Sanusi did say something dough, talking of another thing;

"with N1.2trillion to go round, Everybody has a price"?

...So dear protester, for how much will you drop your placard;

....What do we believe? the loli rocket tube fairy tale peddlers who never buy fuel with their own money?
The reality of Baba on the Street

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