Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Shekarou Vs SSS, Who Is Lying!

It was a trade of allegations and counter allegations yesterday evening
between former governor of Kano state and Nigeria's SSS (secrete police)

In the heat of the media report that

The former Kano state Governor had been

Arrested early in the day for questioning over Bokoharam's

Allegations of his involvement with them, the ex governor quickly released a

statement saying non of that happened. He even went ahead to phone into AIT's

Network news Yesterday.

Men of the Nigerian State Secrete service (SSS) escourting
a suspected Iranian gun runner.

However, not to be out done, the SSS quickly released an official statement stating that Shekarau  was indeed arrested in the early hours of yesterday and was with questioned for three hours over his alleged involvement with the Bokoharam sect.

Hmmmn! So! who do ya think is lying here?....

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