Wednesday, 1 February 2012

President Of Poverty Stricken Chad Marries $26m Bride

Chad President, Idriss Deby shook the foundations of Khartoum-The Sudanese capital on Friday 20th January 2012 when he invited about 400 dignitaries to his wedding engagement to daughter of Sudan's Janjaweed militia leader, Musa Hilal, a graduate in her 20s.
Held at a 5-star hotel, Deby according to press reports paid a whooping sum of $26 million dowry of which $25 million was paid to her father and the rest to her in the form of gold and jewellery.

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Just to give you an idea, Chad might just be the only country worst than Nigeria in terms of living standard of the masses, people literally die of starvation there. and the president, being a typical African man pays $26M (Us Dollars) to marry a lady (makes me wonder if her organs are made of diamond???)

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