Friday, 13 January 2012

Sexy Fuel Subsidy Occupy Nigeria Protester's

Fuel Subsidy Occupy Nigeria Protest - Goes Sexy

Female Fuel Subsidy protesters - No Nudity Pleassssssse!!!!
 Nigerian Ladies occupying Nigeria in sexy style.
Please; Goodluck do something quickly, so these our Nigerian
beauties will not occupy the streets long enough to need to go nude.

WO! wait a minute is that a play boy logo on that pink throw pillow?
and a stretch spring on a work out mat?
They may not be nude,
but certainly not

Female Fuel Subsidy protesters From Diaspora, Spotting A Play Boy Bag. 

Okay! some more sexy protesters in beauty and style.
Brazing the cold to tell it like it is.

Hope J-E-G is listening.

Star actress Bimbo Akintola showed up at the OccupyNigeria protests in Ojota .
Female protester flashing a Sexy pretty smile

Rather Happy female protester don't you think?.

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