Monday, 9 January 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan Publicly Admits Presence Of Boko Haram In Government.

There are Boko Haram members in govt -Jonathan

PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has admitted publicly for the first time that members of the Islamic sect, boko-haram-have infiltrated his government at various levels.

Left - Mr. President And wife - Patience; Right - Senate president and wife. Arriving at the interdenominational
Service to mark the armed forces remembrance day at the National christian center - Sunday.

Speaking at an inter-denomination church service to mark the 2012 Armed Forces Remembrance Day at the National Christian Centre Abuja, Goodluck Jonathan revealed that the extremists were now present in the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of government and even in the armed forces.


“Our security services are trying because, as the president, I know what they are doing. Nigerians may not appreciate their efforts, especially when you know that we are underpoliced. We have a police force that is about 300,000 in number.

“Countries that have the kind of challenge that we have today who have about 20 per cent of our population have five times more than that number. That number would have been okay some years back but definitely not the number that can cope with the security challenges we have now.”

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