Monday, 9 January 2012

America's Prophecy - Is Nigeria Turning Failed State?

Has America's Prophecy Fulfillment Began? - Will Nigeria Turn Fail State; 2015?  

Nigeria's President Says His Government Is Infiltrated By Boko Haram.

Northern Nigerians Are Fleeing The East For Fear Of Christian Attacks.

Eastern Nigerians In The North Are Weeping For Martyred  Relations.

The Roads In Lagos Are Deserted Bcos of NLC/TUC Strike in bold defiance

of the order by the industrial court of Nigeria to them not to carry out the strike
Protesters At Ghani Fawhenmi Square today for the strike
Protesters along Lagos Ibadan Express way today for the strike

BBC reportes set to cover the strike.

What does it all mean, is this the beginning of the end for Nigeria  as we know it? 

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