Monday, 16 January 2012

NLC/ TUC Leaders Receive Vote Of No Confidence From Nigerian

NLC/ TUC Leaders; You Just Failed 160m Nigerians - Linda Ikeji

NLC/ TUC Are A Sell Out - Nigerians; Not Speaking For Us - Occupy Nigeria Leaders.

NLC/ TUC Leaders In A Warm Parley With Minister Of Finance - Ngozi Okonjo Iweala  





Wise n Diplomatic!

These are some of the words used by some Nigerians in popular chat forums to describe Labour leaders in response to news of the strike being called off.

It would appear that the credibility of Nigerian Labour leaders has been seriously damaged among civil society elites. As a result of what leading authorities in the struggle against fuel subsidy removal regard as a sellout negotiation.

Earlier today some leading members of  civil society groups went ahead to continue with protests inspite of news of the strike being called off. Notable among which was Shehu Sanni.

Shehu Sanni Holding The Mic.

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Occupy 9ja said...

See how the cretins are prostrating to Ngozi.

I can't believe that Nigerians allowed these dullards to lead them to a revolution