Friday, 13 January 2012

Ghanaian Rapper Abuses Nigeria

Ghanaian Rapper Abuses Nigerians - Says Nigeria Inferior To Ghana.  

Our Ghanaian little brothers have finally grown wings. What they once whispered in secret about
there embattled big brothers (NIGERIA) they are now screaming on the airwaves. 
Got to appreciate the creativity this rapper put into abusing his "fathers" saying we school a lot but cant
pronounce words properly, and so on.... Imagine that.... eh!.... little Ghana!!... wonders shall shall never end. clapping hands in disbelief.  

But thanks to this 9ija dude, who is a true son of his father. The guy really put the Ghanaian's in there place.
Not great lyrics or style though, but he did tell them as it is. 
The Ghanaian  did a better presentation, had his video listed first, and got 10,552 views
 on Youtube, 82 likes and 72 dislikes.
The Nigerian guys video was listed second and still got 44,632 views on Youtube, 175 likes and 132 dislikes. 
To my dear Ghanaian friends, warn your youths to draw the line between creativity and nonsensitive. 

Don't bite the finger feeding you. 

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