Monday, 26 December 2011

Weird; Robotic Pets That Keep You Company.

Filter: Robotic Pets Neither Poop nor Need Walks

Photo: Todd Tankersley
Photo: Todd Tankersley
  • 1// My Keepon
    Perfect for: Ensuring that you always have a dance partner. 
    Geek factor: This blobular bot responds to touches, pokes, and tickles; it also boogies to music. And you can feel good about it: A portion of your purchase helps fund research into using robotics for autism therapy. 
  • 2// Sega Toys Sakadachi Nyacchi Robot Cat
    Perfect for: Practicing your Japanese without losing face.
    Geek factor: Sega’s catroid understands 13 commands, but only in Japanese, so you better brush up or risk confusing your new friend. Nyacchi can also sing and perform headstands. Bet that meme-cat Maru can’t do that. 
  • 3// Pleo rb
    Perfect for: Cuddling up with while watching Terra Nova
    Geek factor: Modeled after a newly hatched camarasaurus, a Jurassic-era sauropod, this dinobot has voice recognition and can sense motion, light, touch, and temperature. Put two together and they’ll talk to each other. 
  • 4// Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0
    Perfect for: Ending Lightning McQueen’s reign of toy-box terror.
    Geek factor: Four sensors and 619 pieces let you assemble thousands of your own robo-creations. Drag-and-drop programming interface makes it appropriate for kids as young as 10—if you ever give them a turn. 
  • 5// Paro Robot Seal Healing Pet
    Perfect for: Simulating a loving relationship when the Ben & Jerry’s runs out. 
    Geek factor: Paro is a therapeutic pet with light, touch, sound, temperature, and posture sensors. It “learns” behavior based on its interactions with you. Please: No clubbing Paro—its pelt is artificial. 
  • I wonder when someone will get to do a robot that wipes away our tears and delete our pain especially after Nigeria,s Christmas day bombing. Oh boy!! wont that be something?????!!!!!.

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