Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New Year Resolution Of Jannifer Hudson, Oscar Winner

Jennifer Hudson, Oscar winner 

Jennifer Hudson
                                                            Jennifer Hudson, Oscar winner 
"My goals for 2012 are simple -- continue to live a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. The tools and support that the Weight Watchers Pointsplus program provides has helped me do that, and has given me the opportunity to really make a difference. I am a true advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and I hope to set an example that inspires others to make the same changes that I did. If I can do it, anyone can!
Nice one sister. Am sure every lady out there will be eager to know Jennifer Hudson's slimming formula.
Well, while fitness is of importance, it is also paramount that we see to the fitness of our strategies for the new year. For us in Nigeria, when the fuel subsidy does come, as it is eminent, how prepared shall we be to take advantage of the opportunities. Remember their will be a windfall which the government will want to circulate as a compensation for the pain caused.
What developments are we to look forward to in year 2012? from such events as the recent lunch of the nig com sat xr for communication purposes, how do you intend to take advantage? are you already thinking of setting up a commercial presence online? if not why not. It takes less capital, more result. Soon internet will be like GSM to Nigerians.
In your work place, how are you strategising? however you wish to, remember patience and loyalty to the RELEVANT authority are your best weapon. What ever you do, do not join alliances in your office, What if your camp falls out of favour, or some bom head who has no interest in your future demand you to take one for the team... Ok guys its still about Jennifer Hudson, 2012, fitness, and new year resolutions ?. 

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