Monday, 12 December 2011

Urban Professional; Your Success Begins With Your Thoughts?

Dear friend, in my last post i talked about the urban professional realizing that life is warfare and victory requires planning. The first step to the victory you seek in your life pursuit is to 

that was a saying from William Shakespeare i think. He also did say;
William Shakespeare.
 "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves".

“All that is thought by you will come to you early or late in accordance with the effort you have put in to acquire it”.

 The human thought is the most vital and irresistible force existing in the universe. It is through the instrumentality of thoughts that we acquire our creative abilities.
Thought is a great force, it moves, it creates-anything can be achieved through the power of thoughts. Thoughts can heal diseases, it can change the mentality of persons, it can do just about anything conceivable. The velocity of thought is unimaginable. While light travels at the speed of 180, 000 miles per second, thoughts travels in virtually no time Thought is caused by the vibration of the spirit life force on the mental substance (the brain). It is a force like gravitation, cohesion or repulsion. It is God’s gift  to man.
Thought is a finer force. He who sows the right thoughts speaks powerfully and produces deep impressions on the minds of his hearers. He influences thousands of persons through his thoughts.
The mind is like a wireless  transmitter constantly transmitting and receiving thought signals. In fact scientists in America are believed to  have recently discovered a frequency on which thoughts could be transmitting, and the American Government is alleged to be already sponsoring research on developing technologies that could be used to control people’s minds through this frequency.
We are constantly surrounded by an ocean of thoughts, coming from and going to other persons  around us, and we are constantly absorbing certain thoughts and repelling others. This explains why sometimes when you think of a song, someone close by soon starts singing it.
Every thought  has its shape, size, form, colour, quality and power. A spiritual thought has a yellow colour.  Thoughts charged with anger and hatred are of a dark red colour.  A selfish thought has a brown colour and so on.
 Thoughts are like things; just as you can handover an orange to a friend and take it back, so also you can give a helpful thought to a friend and also take it back.
Most people say that a man’s fortune is as a result of the environment he grows in. This is not entirely true, because the facts always prove the contrary. Many of the world’s greatest men have been born in difficult circumstances and yet have risen to attain the highest status of their career. We can all  give examples of such exemplary characters. The secrets of these men and others like them who have been destined to rise from extreme poverty to extreme wealth and affluence, is based on the true and unchanging law of thought which states that; “All that is thought by you will come to you early or late in accordance with the effort you have put in to acquire it”.

Self styled urban professional is published by David Ngwaba

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