Monday, 12 December 2011

Urban Professional Dream



Nothing under heaven is softer than water yet it can overcome the strong

When it gets darkest the stars come out.

We are never given more than we can take, to struggle is our destiny, everything in life is to overcome, when a door closes another will open, such is the Law.

*   *   *   *
So your best bet for victory in you urban professional dream is to face your challenges like a general going into battle.

What actions do you think a general going into battle will take. Would you expect him to be day dreaming, hanging out with friends talking nothing useful? or perhaps seeking military advice from his civilian friends whose only military experience is watching war films? or maybe chase ladies recklessly, go drinking, partying etc. or would you expect him to spend all his time energy and resources in planning, gathering  intelligence, assessing his weapons, training his men on urban warfare etc.

Well guess what, life is indeed a battle at every point we have victors and failures. Before we decide which you are lets first of all establish that their are battles and their are wars. For a young spinster for instance, getting married is the battle, having a happy marriage with great kids the war.
A lot of us get stock in the battles of life; wining little artificial victories that end up costing us the vital victory that should make us happy and fulfilled in the end.  

Were do you stand, are you one of those that will make sure you look good before others no matter the cost, at the expense of the dignity of others? or one of those who believe that the end justifies the means, and so will literally climb on any one available to get to your goal?, worse still are you one of those naive dimwits who do not have a strategy at all, who believe that life is just one huge roller-coster and that people are good and can not be deliberately malicious? well guess what the bible has to tell you  "And we know that the whole world liet in wickedness"  

Were should you stand as an urban professional bearing the future of our generation because you are. First off, that is what this blog is about so their will be plenty of time to talk about that. However as you set about your day to day activities, do remember that you are a general in a battle. HOW ARE YOU PLANNING TO EXECUTE YOUR VICTORY? urban professional style.

The article Urban Professional Dream was written and published by David Ngwaba.

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