Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nigeria Fresh Rapper Skales - In Ghastly Car Crash.

Nigeria Fresh Rapper Skales Survives Car Crash - Kelly Handsome Too.

Nigeria's Fresh Rapper; Skales

This dude would i say was lucky to have survived a ghastly car crash yesterday or should i say is lucky to have become the talk of the town after surviving a ghastly car crash yesterday. The rooky went on to tweet.....

"God is 2 merciful…he has neva failed!!! He saved ma life so ama giv him all d praise…so happy 2 see anoda day!!!’ @youngskales tweeted".

The crash scene of Skales

Kelly Handsome; looking like a suspect

......After surviving a ghastly car crash with his crew at Imo state early this week.

The car Kelly Handsome came out from; Talk about lucky

.....Bro Kelly dont you think this is a sign for you to accept Jesus and be saved and who knows become pastor Kelly Handsome. My oh My LOL.

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