Saturday, 12 May 2012

Yes Am Back! - OMG Okiro's Wife Is Dead!

This man's last name sounds Igbo, abi../?

Yes am back, sorry guys am sorry i had to be gone for a while, to get a grip on a couple of things. plans are under way to build a bigger and better DavidsAfricaBlog (DAB).

A lot of water have passed under the bridge since i've been gone, from the good to the bad to the ugly. A couple of these things are maybe worth mentioning; * there was the capture of the Bokoharam kingpin along with his entire family yesterday, which for me is the sweetest news, as if we do not already have enough drama, the man turned out to be a Yoruba man from Osun State. (Atleast that is what the authorities said).

For the bad, Oshiomole has been under attack from his enemies whose piece of the national cake he is messing with, lets hope he survives his first tenor to share his testimony in his second tenor.
For the ugly, Everybody knows Thisday news papers was bombed by God knows who, some say it may not be Bokoharam as widely believed, but dont quote me anywhere. As if the death toll was not high enough, Mrs Okiro, wife of former IG Mike Okiro, as she is accustomed to doing quickly rose to take relief to the victims. As she went into the bathroom to birth, her aids say they heard her shout, but the door was locked, so they could not enter. Before her husband could arrive and the door broken she passed on. Diognosis say of High blood pressure. (Why do the good ones always die early) Now i wonder what will happen to the over thirty persons staying with her whom she has been sponsoring through expensive schools.

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