Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sacked From Westbrom Rejected By Birmingham FC

Roberto Di Matteo Makes History 

Roberto Di Matteo the current
coach of Chelsea was Sacked by West Brom FC, Rejected By Birmingham City FC, Humbled to
become an Assistant Coach in Chelsea FC, then became the first coach in history to Lead
Chelsea to UEFA CHAMPIONS Cup.

He did not declare himself the Special One nor
did he call himself the Messiah. . His wages
per month was 20 times less than what the
"Special one" was paid to achieve this

He did not sign a single player, in fact, some
of the teams best players got suspended for
the final UCL match.
He was unassuming.

When asked how he felt after winning the
UCL cup he said, I thank West Brom FC for
sacking me and appreciate Birmingham FC for
rejecting my application as coach thereafter.

Recall today, that Di Matteo is no longer
seeking for a job, he got one (Which ever way
it goes), but West Brom FC presently is
without a coach, and Birmingham FC also
recently sacked their coach.

Today and always please pray, that GOD
should bring about a divine sack and
rejection between you and what ever is
holding you from reaching your pre destined
Destination and Achievement and the Grace to
accept it no matter how painful it may seem.

Have a favored day ahead.

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