Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Radio Houes Bomber - Latest!

The latest news on the suspected Radio house suicide bomber indicates that the whole incident might have been a honest mistake. Clearly he was found with three canisters of crowd control tear gas canisters, and 37 rounds of live ammunition (NO FIREARM WAS FOUND ON HIM).

According to him the irems belonged to his late brother an ex mobile police officer in the photo below.

Far left is the suspect, and far right is his said late elder brother and owner of the incriminating items.

According to the suspect, he was only bringing the items as evidence with which to claim his brother benefits from the force. A story that was collaborated by an investigation by the daily trust news paper, leading upto his home in Gora Karshi development area. More here...

Matter of fact if you ask me, his posture up there indicates that he is so feeling the weight of his ignourance and  his garagara. The police should just pay the poor guy his brothers benefit and let him go, or what do you think...?

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