Friday, 25 May 2012

My Wife Sold My Business, Took My Kids, Ran To Kano To Marry Her Lover

I met this man in a mechanic workshop a day before yesterday. As for his name, i would prefare not to mention. I had come to check up on one of my business vehicles undergoing repair. My mechanic was busy on his, so i had to wait; In the process of waiting we got talking. I was soon talking about how sad i was for a facebook friend of mine whose friend stole her man. Because as far as i was concerned that was a cruel thing to do especially by a friend.

That was when the man started opening up. The first picture to your left is the man narrating his story. He said it all started on one Christmas Holiday about seven years ago. His wife said she was going to her mother's for holiday with the kids. He he agreed, made the necessary arrangements for their nice trip and dropped them off at the park. Their destination was Maiduguri where his wife hails from. He is a chiristian, and so was his wife.

All through the while his wife was supposed to be on the journey with their children, she kept updating him on their progress. Unknown to him. the wife who was supposed to be at Maiduguri  with the kids visiting her mum had returned to Abuja behind his back and was busy selling his shops and goods behind his back.

Before he got wind of her activities, it was already too late. The next thing he heard was that she was marrying an Alhaji in Kano State. With nothing left to do, he decided to go to the mans house shortly after to collect his kids. When he met his runaway wife and told her of his mission, she asked him to wait while she goes in to get the kids ready. when she came out the next thing he saw was a pestle flying to the wind screen of his car. She then started screaming for help calling him a thief, before long it was a mob he was facing. His shirt was tugged at and torn his face slapped and so on, the whole glasses of his car were broken. He only managed to get into the car and flee the scene and indeed Kano. Since then, he has not heard from them. According to him till date he is still trying to use legal avenues to retrieve his kids. The first of his two girls is 15 years old, and the second is 13 years old.

However he said he was sitting in his house early this year when his phone suddenly rang, and of all people it was his runaway wife calling. They spoke for some time so did he with his two girls. In the end she said that his prayers have been disturbing her, that she will .....

At this point some other thing came up and the story could not be completed....

 Hmmmn! What an experience huh! Have you told God Thank you for the love and loyalty of your spouse today?

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