Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nigeria Commences Importation Of Ice-Block From Niger

Residents  of  Katsina metropolis  especially owners of businesses requiring refrigeration, now travel to neighbouring Niger Republic to purchase ice blocks.

Although Nigeria supplies the bulk of electricity used in Niger Republic, residents of Katsina have for months been experiencing acute power supply where it is now rare to have uninterrupted power supply for at least 30 minutes.

A Fura and cold water vendor along IBB Way, Katsina, Uztaz Muhammad Umar said that he travelled from Katsina to Maradi in Niger Republic to buy the ice blocks he uses for his business so as to preserve his goods.

He noted that the huge special ice block made for sale to Nigerians cost between N300 to N500 adding "we use to wrap it in a rag or a special leather bag to prevent it from melting. We thank God that we have Niger Republic closer, otherwise we would have left this business for long".

... Well what can i say... but wait a minute, is ice-block not supposed to be a contraband product too...? lolzz just kidding, man must survive...

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