Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nigeria Deports 84 South Africans

Things Fall Apart Nigeria, South Africa, No Longer At Ease

For a long time, it has been an open secrete for everyone who cares to care that South African citizens and institutions despised Nigeria and everything Nigerian, whereas Nigeria has always treated the insolence from South Africa and indeed other ungrateful African nations with the chumminess of an infinitely benevolent big brother.

But Alas things are no longer at ease as president Goodluck Jonathan has let things fall apart. The president who many assumed to be lilly levered, may not be so after all. South Africa deported 125 Nigerians for no apparent reason except that perhaps we did not support them in keeping Gaddafi in office when his people did not want him. So Goodluck is retaliating by sending 84 South Africans with a message of "no love here" To Jacob Zuma.

This story certainly bears the mark of more to come.... Sha!  lolzzzz!

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