Friday, 23 March 2012

Jennifer Lawrence: Five Must Knows About "The Hunger Games" Star

Meet Jennifer Lawrence Title Card 

Two years ago, it was Jennifer Lawrence,... who? Then came a starring role in the 2011 indie sleeper “Winter’s Bone” and an unexpected Oscar nomination for best actress. Despite the awards recognition, the 5-foot-7-inch Kentuckian still wasn’t a household name yet. That changed this week, when “The Hunger Games” star, who is 21, got the Kirsten Stewart “Twilight” treatment, with crowds of screaming fans, pushy paparazzi, and multiple magazine covers. Interest is rising fast, where Jennifer Lawrence searches have bumped up 43% to land in the top 350 searches with keen interest among males ages 25 to 54 (75% of searchers).

So, what should you know about Lawrence, who plays the heroine huntress, Katniss, in "The Hunger Games", the hot new book-based franchise?

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