Sunday, 5 February 2012

Why inspire?!

The answer is purely psychological.

Why Inspire?!, According to Psychology Today, by the time a child reaches the age of 18, the concept of "No, you can't!" has been reinforced 187,000 times, whereas the concept of "Yes, you can!" has been reinforced only about 25 - 30 times.

Not surprising, so many people grow up to be failures... or less than successful? Today's society 'programs' us this way. We simply do not "believe" in "yes, you can win".

I have always believed "true living" is waking each day to work at what you love to do more than anything else in the world. But, most people become "programmed," starting from early childhood, to do the conservative thing... work hard and make a living (whether you like doing the work or not)... at the expense of a life of fulfillment, without a yes, you can win attitude.

But "yes, you can win", you can live the life of your dreams. Yes, you can start today to work on your life's calling. Yes, you can quite that damn job or lifestyle causing you so much pain. And above all Yes, you can set your goals at your desired peg no matter your circumstances.

The new kia We Launched Today@

Just like my E#der S!!##ter. Yes, you can and what a challenge she is.

As at this time last two years she was knee deep in dept. Yet she drew up a goal that included buying a New Kia vehicle among other things. Long and short, she decided to settle for an end of discussion considering it less expensive. Guess what when she was ready for purchase, a new Kia showed up more expensive and still she paid cash, all her dept have also been cleared.

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