Thursday, 16 February 2012

OBJ,s (Ex-President Obasonjo) Grandson Turns Gangster Rappar

By David Ngwaba
OBJ Roasting maize with his grand son
Babajide Obasanjo 

His stage name is Babsss. Real name – Babajide Obasanjo.

The 18 year old just returned from London to study in a private university in Nigeria.
Babsss is currently in the studio recording for a mixtape that is to drop in the middle of this year.

I hear he is currently recording a remix of Davido’s Damiduro …and instead of omo baba olowo, it will be tagged ‘omo baba Obasanjo’.
The remix drops on the 1st day of march 2012. So watch out for him.

Some gangster Sh**t huh, yeeeeeah....., it's smoking hot in here so take off all ure cloths*
By d way, it will be curious to know what this dude's line will contain.;
" Will he form street credibility,.... for which street na.
*will he form i made it in Niger. .. Story, with money wey ure papa dash u
* Will he say Nigeria Jaga Jaga, ... but na ure grand papa hand work na.

lolzzzzz! am going to get a huge laugh from this if this boy comes out with some weak verses, and sure a lot of Nigerians will too......, So he better impress. 
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