Friday, 3 February 2012

Ex - Militant, Boyloaf, Becomes Presidential Envoy, (Shell)B

Boyloaf on dark specks being conducted around
 a facility in Rotterdem, Holland.
The management of companies like Shell BP, Exxon Mobil, Total, etc will certainly feel more at ease with news  that former militant leader Boyloaf is now gainfully employed in no less a position as a presidential envoy. Thickly covered in the Shelly shell of governments oily duties, his duties are to globe throttle around the globe to inspect facilities for the training of ex - militants who have chosen to come out of the shells of the creeks to take up governments amnesty bounty.

Boy! and who said crime does not pay He! he!! he!!! just kidding. Of course crime doesn't pay, which is why
Boyloaf had to switch shells.

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