Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Compilation Of Funny Notes Sent Among "Oyibo" "Face Me I Face You" Neighbors

Lol!!!! These  just totally made my morning. Enjoy!
...This one is for those noisy neighbors whose sound system is more expensive than their "Motor"

 Ganger ginger swagger crackers, this one is for you.....

 Dont quite understand this one, but i imagined it could mean something to some fella some where...

This must just be plain humor, a cat smoke a cigarette? ...... hmmmn!....

If the cat were my Lily which i just woke up now for this impromptu photo shoot..., well she wont even dare  because she is born again. See how sober she is looking, the heat in Abuja Nigeria, plus her salvation.
......,Or what the heck, let me just say it; Hunger! Yep, lunch is still on the fire, life of a
bachelor. Trust me, hunger makes you behave. So no fears of a smoking habit for Lily.
Oh i like this one, kind of gives new meaning to the phrase; Do unto others what you want them to do to you. LOLzzz!

If you read this note upto this point it means you are as jobless as the jobless fella  who  posted it.

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