Friday, 6 January 2012

Who's Line Is It - Guess Who.

 Guess Who; Certainly Not From Who's Nude Seniors Gallery-Pur Hub.

 Guess Who
When one is well preserved, it does not hide, especially at 65!
Yes, it is the body of an action movie superstar who has reached retirement age. But it is not yet ready to join a senior club.
Can you guess who this bunch of tattooed muscles?

In this photo taken from his upcoming action thriller, Bullet to the Head , the actor appears shirtless and brandishing a gun that throws. Colorful tattoos covering his shoulders and the top of his chest.
And look at the chocolate too!

Stallone plays a hitman from New Orleans who joins a cop ( Christian Slater ) to find the killer (the star of the remake of Conan the Barbarian , Jason Momoa ) of their colleagues.
The film was shot in New Orleans, due out in April in the United States.

Bullet To The Head, Sylvester Stallone

What Do You Think Of Grand Pa - Sylvester Stalon?

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