Tuesday, 24 January 2012

SSS Targeting And Killing Boko Haram Bombers

The men of the Nigeria SSS seem to have woken up from their slumber. They've started killing some Boko Haram members. The dead boko haram member in the photo above was trying to gain access to the SSS office in Kano to wreck havoc in a suicide mission but crack shooters from the sniper unit of the secret police killed him in his car. Four others were killed in Maiduguri yesterday and two in Kano. More to come. I guess they are now reacting because they were targeted...

Cans Filled With Explosives By Boko Haram

Mean while Boko Haram members have now perfected the production of snack bombs.
Soldiers found these can drinks filled with explosives in an abandoned car belonging to members of the Islamic sect

As the heat gets hot in Kano State Of Nigeria, following the recent massive bombings in the state, Igbo traders take to their heels from Sabongarri, the strong hold of the igbo's.

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Anonymous said...

God save us from the hand of the Nigerian government.

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