Sunday, 15 January 2012

Oct 2011; T.B Joshua Prophesied Occupy Nigeria Protest - Said God Will Humble Leaders.

T.B Joshua Prophesied Occupy Nigeria Protest - God Wants To Humble Leaders
Pastor TB Joshua is famous for his predictions and ability to see into the future, he has correctly predicted so many important events in history - including spain winning the 2010 world cup. In october 2011 he predicted protests in Nigerian street and an economic meltdown after that and says God wants to achieve humility among the great people in Nigeria. Watch the video below:

Guys; after watching this video, you are bound to come to one of two conclusions.

...either this dude is for real or seriously carried in whatever! whatever!!
But he did say the purpose of the crises which will rock Nigeria and the rest of the world is to bring people to their knees before God. 

..After which the solution will come. But first we will have to call on God he said. 

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