Monday, 2 January 2012

Goodluck Jonathan's Lost Maybe Found Courage

 Goodluck Jonathan May Have Found His Courage

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan-
President of The Federal
Republic of Nigeria.
Fuel subsidy was on the 1st of January removed in Nigeria by President Goodluck Jonathan, just as a state of emergency was declared in some parts of northern Nigeria where the activities of the Islamic extremist group Bokoharam have been most active.
A liter of fuel sold for N141 in Lagos
after the  removal of fuel subsidy on
the 1st of January 2012 by President

What repercussions should we expect from these recent government policies?

*Well for me, i think fuel subsidy removal will make Nigerians more disciplined and make us demand discipline from our leaders.

So what do Nigerians feel the removal of fuel subsidy will imply for them.
Well here is a nice view from an anonymous Nigerian;

DISAPPEARED 4RM evr1s lips, its fuel subsidy, lets cee what it can cause:
1.Guys nd Artist will start posing with 50kgs of petrol in pictures and videos.

2.People who have gone to the village for holiday might not return.

3.My neighbouhood is dead silent not even 1 generator can be heard.

4.Bicycle sellers report high rise in

5.You can deposit your fuel at zenith bank,guarantee bank or any bank
close 2 you.

6.Bride price will increase and may even
include 10litres of petrol.

7.Dont be shocked if you get slapped for trying to burn a thief with petrol.

8.Barbing Saloon:Nepa 200, Gen 500.

9."Walk out" will be a popular thing
among lovers.

10.No more accidents,it will be knee
and ankle dislocations.

11.Gurl:i like going to expensive
places,Boy:Meet me at Mobil filling station by 4.

12.Rihanna ft GEJ "shut up and walk"

13.QPR vs SWANSEA N200, BARCA vs

14."If you see me trekking holla at
your boy"

15.Resdent:what do you care for,
Visitor:I'll take petrol, 

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