Saturday, 14 January 2012

Getty Occupy Nigeria Images;

Getty Occupy Nigeria Images

Occupy Nigeria; Okay lovely ladies, any plans for food.

Occupy Nigeria; This guy is no nonsense. His dining table, his water
his paper and even his wife. LOL...Chki! Chki!! Chki!!!. 

Occupy Nigeria; Custom made occupy Nigeria truck.... Funny.

Occupy Nigeria; These guys are in it for the game man.
Notice the rishi rishi on the table, thats not food
that's bait.  
Notice the chick on the background and how she perches?
that's one game down, one more to go. Ha Ha, he laughs.

Enough preging for this occupy Nigeria parous. 

Occupy Nigeria: Dude! What are you doing?

Occupy Nigeria; Okay sexy, Gucci like your glasses.
Occupy Nigeria; Kate Henshaw Popular actress sharing food.
See how the job fits her eh! LOL

Occupy Nigeria; Kano

Occupy Nigeria; Airport stranded passengers

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