Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fuel Subsidy Breaking News! :Militants Surround Oil Platforms

 Fuel Subsidy Breaking News!: Militants Mobilize To Attack Oil Platforms  

There is tension right now in the Niger delta, as members of  the militant group popularly known as MEND (movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta) have gone ahead to show signs of making good their threat 
to attack members of PENGASSAN if they join the nation wide strike against fuel subsidy removal.

You would recall that Alhaji Asari Dokubo had on the 13th of January stated in rally in support of fuel subsidy removal that any one who attempts to frustrate Goodluck Jonathan's Good intentions for Nigeria will face face the full wrath of the Niger delta militants. He made a special emphasis on the threat by PENGASSAN to down tools.

 President Comrade Babatunde Ogun

Already president of PENGASSAN, Comrade Babatunde Ogu along with a couple of his exco members had earlier complained about receiving threat messages warning them not to down tools for their own safety.

12 PM of Sunday the 15th of January 2012 is the dead line issued by PENGASSAN to the federal government to revert to the former pump price of N65 per liter of fuel or face their wrath.

The implication of PENGASSAN's threat if carried out, is a total shut down of the Nigerian economy. NEPA, GSM services, Aviation services and everything associated with energy will have to completely shut down.

Internationally, since Nigeria is one of the largest suppliers of crude oil to America and Europe, Oil prices there will rise thus affecting their economy directly. Already the threat by PENGASSAN had already caused prices of Crude oil in the international market to go up by 2%.

Stay Tuned as the drama unfolds.....

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