Saturday, 10 December 2011

Living Your Dreams.

Are you living your dreams? if not, why not? it is surprising how a lot of us get so engrossed in helping others live their dreams while neglecting ours in the name of  a JOB. And by the way doesnt that simply means just over broke? Even if we must sacrifice for others, atleast seek out the needy and less privillege but no a lot of us really despise these lot (even though we pretend to care), preferring to sacrifice for those already  living  their dreams, who in turn despise you because as far as they are concerned you are one of the pests among the tens, hundreds or thousands of other pests pecking from their dreams.
But oh how that can change with the speed of lightning. How you can just wake up and simply walk into your dream life. The journey begins from your head. Why dont we talk about starting this journey in my next post.

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