Friday, 30 December 2011

Gombe Hotel Bomb Blast - Injures 15 Persons

Gombe Hotel Bomb Blast - 15 Persons Injured

Scene of the Gombe Hotel Bomb Blast
www.5slate.blogspot.comNo fewer than 15 people were injured in an explosion that occurred at a hotel located in the outskirts of Gombe. 
The Manager of the hotel, Mr Ojiego Nelson said three persons came to the hotel at about 10.13 p.m. on Wednesday to explode a device.
Nelson said that he was at the gate of the hotel when the men, who were carrying guns, started “manhandling” the security man and when he asked what was happening, they started shooting sporadically.
“Our customers and everybody started running helter-skelter and the one with two gas cylinders in his hands threw them into our reception. 
“He threw one into the reception and threw the other one under the cars parked by our guests in the hotel.
“The one thrown into the reception exploded and damaged the building, so we just managed to escape through the back fence,'' he said.

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