Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Clean Slate From 5slate in 2012

5slate.blogspot Is Giving You A Clean Slate For 2012...

We at 5slate.blogspot or rather i of do decree that you be given a clean slate to progress with, in the year A.D. 2012.

By which authority? By my authority as a child of God.
(decree a thing and it shall come to pass; what ever you bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what ever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven)

So you see my authority is supreme.
In 2012, you will not lack! you will not borrow! you will not beg!
What you will do is to work smartly and believe in your success long before it arrives or else; you will so lack! heavily borrow and desperately beg.

Here is a little manual for your clean slate in 2012;
Draw up a least of at least three things you need to achieve, that will contribute in making you fulfilled.
The plan should be long term. Dont say for instance, i will get married in 2012, say i will have 5 children instead. Under that goal, A) Find a suitable person B) Get married C) Have a child every two years for ten years etc.

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This Lady Mrs. Esther in this photo is getting wedded to Pastor W.F Kumuyi Of The Deeper Life Bible Church, one of the top 20 largest churches in the world; Head quarters in Lagos Nigeria. Branches in virtually every country of the world. The pastor was a widower and she a spinster of 65 years. Talk about a clean slate and wining the war of life and she will give you the concise manual. Those guys you see behind are all big time pastors, non of them with membership of less than 10,000 persons. 

Pastor Esther and W.F. Kumuyi. Owners of Deeperlife.

If life is a conflict, each year is the battle, your life time is the war. Dont for instance rush into wining the battle for this year which is getting married and unfortunately loose the war which will be a happy fruitful and prosperous marriage. Thus my manual for your clean slate.

The end of every matter is always more important than the beginning.
Never set a new year goal with the hope of meeting up with your peers achievement. Chances are that you will end up unhappy, not enjoy your success which will make you even more unhappy depressed sick and early death. Haven't you noticed how most rich men have a ton of ailments?

However never measure yourself by yourself, it is called foolishness.
Compare your self with already successful men in your chosen pursuit. Learn how they fared when they were at the level you are now. First they are ahead of you so they will not arouse you jealousy (which is very counter productive) secondly, they make you realize that what you seek is realizable, thirdly and most importantly, they show you how, with their example. What is sweet, if you cant meet them, you can simply learn about them.

So good luck with your clean slate from for 2012.

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